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Bingold offers supreme quality disposable and reusable gloves for the widest range of professional application. Whether for facility cleaning or in the trades and hospital sectors, we can always provide the perfect glove for your specific requirements.

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The correct glove for every application

THE perfect protective glove exists - in our range you'll find just that for any area of use or application. Discover which glove will not only meet your highest demands on quality, but also provide supreme performance and comfort.

Facility cleaning

Trust in our BINGOLD quality

Our disposable and reusable gloves are produced in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards. Since your health is our main priority.

We stringently examine our protective gloves in our own in-house laboratory. That' s how we ensure that you will always receive faultless products which meet all the relevant safety norms. Our laboratory tests provide the proof. Assure yourselves of our quality – let us examine the product you have used until now so that you can compare it with Bingold.


What BINGOLD can do for you

Direct professional advice and personal service on-site at your premises.

Tailor-made customer service is a key component of our corporate philosophy. The Bingold sales manager competent for your needs will gladly assist you in selecting the ideal glove – on-site at your premises if required. Our extensive portfolio of disposable and reusable gloves made from various materials and for various requirements is sure to include the product best suited to your specifications.


Complete documentation ensured

BINGOLD gloves deliver what they promise. All details are instantly accessible and verifiable.

Only the disposable or reusable glove most suited to the requirements for which it is intended can provide reliable protection. In addition to the tests and inspections performed at our in-house laboratory, we file accurate and complete documentation. In this way you can rest assured that the best possible product is protecting your hands.


Your BINGOLD specialists

Turn to us for the ideal glove - customised to your requirements and needs. Our highly skilled team is always at your service and will gladly assist you in making a selection.

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Jan Eric EySales Manager Northern Germany
Carsten SchäferSales Manager Central Germany
Peter JaumannInternational Sales / Product Manager
Franziska HellbrüggeSales Support Team
Melanie FeurichSales Support Team
Stefan Feuerlein / DEISS AGSALES MANAGER Switzerland
Caroline Vroegop / DEISS B.V.SALES MANAGER Netherlands/Belgium